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Third Party Pharma Manufacturing

The trend in past few years shows that many pharmaceutical giants are relying on Third Party Manufacturers for theirPharma requirements to achieve efficiencies in cost and capacity, or to obtain specific expertise not available in-house.

We strive each day towards our aim to become an advanced technology and research based contract manufacturing Pharmaceutical company and to emerge out as an intellectually strong player in domestic and international market.

  • We are an ISO, GLP and GMP certified Pharmacompany,manufacturing premiumhealthcare products acknowledged by medical fraternity.
  • We manufacture remedies for Diabetes, Cardiovascular Care, Derma Care, Ophthalmology and Physio care and with Aarpic, you be rest assured of getting consistent quality each time with NO fluctuations in product quality.
  • We have a qualified team comprising of pharmacists, scientists, Pharmacologists, Physicians and coordinators who are simply outstanding in their work areas.
  • We possess a State-of-art infrastructure to facilitate smooth drug manufacturing process whilst the companies can completely focus on marketing their products worldwide.
  • Other services we offer to ease post production process;
  1. Assured quality and timely delivery
  2. Assistance in trademark and drugs registration
  3. Assistance in designing and packing material procurement
  4. Assistance in promotional materials (Visual aids, brochures,product profiles, catch covers.

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